Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Belt 2 Pack - 1604129 3031120

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  • Genuine Bissell replacement belt (Style 7/9/10) in a convenient two-pack.
  • This Bissell vacuum cleaner belt connects the motor to the brush roll, making it essential for the brush to spin and pick up dirt effectively.
  • Replacing worn/broken Bissell vacuum belts restores your Bissell vacuum cleaner's cleaning power.


Suitable for a range of Bissell vacuums, including

  • CleanView models
  • PowerForce models
  • Likely others (check the full list on the product page)

Important Notes:

  • Regular Replacement: Bissell likely recommends replacing your belts periodically (every 6-12 months is common). Check your manual for specific guidance.

Multiple Belts: Some Bissell vacuums utilize two belts. Make sure you're purchasing enough packs for your model.

Genuine original replacement belt 1604129 appliance spare part is the brush bar drive belt pack for Powerforce, Cleanview and other Bissell NZ vacuum cleaners. STYLE 7/9/10 3031120 203-1093, 2031093.

2 pack Replacement Belts for Powerforce Bagged (1739) and Powerlifter Upright Vacuums (1309, 1793, 1790, 1792, 1413), CleanView Bagged (20191), and Powerlifter Bagged (2019).


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 10N6-F
Bissell Powerlifter Pet 1521F
Bissell Powerforce Helix Turbo 2110F
Bissell Powerforce Helix 2111F
Bissell Powerforce 6594F
Bissell Powerforce 6954-F
Bissell Cleanview 3593f
Bissell Cleanview Ultimate Pet 22T2F
Bissell Momentum 3910f
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 10N6F
Bissell Powerforce 47M6F
Bissell Powerforce 6594
Bissell Powerforce Bagless 6594E
Bissell Powerforce Bagless Turbo 82H5F
Bissell Twin Power Bagless 3950F

Replaces 2031093 Style 7:
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 3920
Bissell 22T2-F
Bissell 6594F
Bissell Cleanview 20Q9
Bissell Cleanview 21K3
Bissell Cleanview 22C1
Bissell Cleanview 3574
Bissell Cleanview 3575
Bissell Cleanview 3576
Bissell Cleanview 3590
Bissell Cleanview 3591
Bissell Cleanview 3593
Bissell Cleanview 3593f
Bissell Cleanview 3594
Bissell Cleanview 3595
Bissell Cleanview 3596
Bissell Cleanview 6590
Bissell Cleanview 6591
Bissell Cleanview 82H1
Bissell Cleanview 8975
Bissell Cleanview 8990
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 10N6F
Bissell Powerforce 3522
Bissell Powerforce 3545
Bissell Powerforce 6579
Bissell Powerforce 6583
Bissell Powerforce 6584
Bissell Powerforce 6585
Bissell Powerforce 6592
Bissell Powerforce 6594
Bissell Powerforce 6596
Bissell Powerforce Bagless 6594E
Bissell Rewind 18M9
Bissell Rewind 26T5
Bissell Rewind 44M3
Bissell Rewind 58F8
Bissell Rewind 67F8
Bissell Rewind 84G9

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