EBF61315801 LG Front Loader Washing Machine Door Lock Interlock

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Part code: EBF61315801

LG Washing Machine Door Lock

DM-A-01 [1,2,3,4] Contacts


No Model Description  Production Model Location No
1 F1069FD4F.ASSREAP Clothes Washer_Front Loader_Commercial FH069FD4F.ASSREAP A440
2 F1069FD6F.ASSREAP Clothes Washer_Front Loader_Commercial FH069FD6F.ASSREAP A440
3 F1069FD7F.ASSREAP Clothes Washer_Front Loader_Commercial FH069FD7F.ASSREAP A440
4 F1069FDF.ASSREAP Clothes Washer_Front Loader_Commercial FH069FDF.ASSREAP A440
5 FH069FD4P.ASSREAP Clothes Washer_Front Loader_Commercial FH069FD4P.ASSREAP A440
6 FH069FD7P.ASSREAP Clothes Washer_Front Loader_Commercial FH069FD7P.ASSREAP A440
7 FH069FDP.ASSREAP Clothes Washer_Front Loader_Commercial FH069FDP.ASSREAP A440
8 FH0C7FD3.ASSREAP Clothes Washer_Front Loader_Commercial FH0C7FD3.ASSREAP A440
9 FH0C7FD4.ASSREAP Clothes Washer_Front Loader_Commercial FH0C7FD4.ASSREAP A440
10 WD1013NDE.AESREAP Clothes Washer_Drum_25 F2K6DNK2S.AESREAP A440
11 WD1013NDW.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum_25 F2K6DNK2W.ABWREAP A440
12 WD1207NCW.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD) F2J6QNP0W.ABWREAP A440
13 WD1208TC4W.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD)_Steam_24 F2J6GNP1W.ABWREAP A440
14 WD12590D6.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD) F1255FD.ABWREAP A440
15 WD12590D6.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD) FH255FD.ABWREAP A440
16 WD12595D6.ASSREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD) F1255FD7.ASSREAP A440
17 WD12595D6.ASSREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD) FH255FD7.ASSREAP A440
18 WD12595FD6.ASSREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD)_Steam F1255RDS7.ASSREAP A440
19 WD12595FD6.ASSREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD)_Steam FH255RDS7.ASSREAP A440
20 WD1275TC5W.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD) F2J5QNP3W.ABWREAP A440
21 WD1408NCW.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD) F4J8GNP2W.ABWREAP A440
22 WD1409NCE.AESREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD) F4J8FNP2S.AESREAP A440
23 WD1409NCW.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD) F4J8FNP2W.ABWREAP A440
24 WD1410SBW.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD)_Steam_24 FH495KDSK2.ABWREAP A440
25 WD1411SBW.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD)_Steam_24 FH4K9KDSK2.ABWREAP A440
26 WD1475NCW.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD) F4J6QNP1W.ABWREAP A440
27 WD1611SMW2.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD)_Steam_24 F6F9KSK2W.ABWREAP A440
28 WDC1215HSVE.ASSREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD)_Steam F2K2CHK2T.ASSREAP A440
29 WDC1409HCW.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD) F4J8FHP2W.ABWREAP A440
30 WDC1475NCW.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD) F4J6QMP1W.ABWREAP A440
31 WTW1409HCW.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD)_Steam F4J8FHP2WD.ABWREAP A440
32 WTW1409VCB.ABLREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD)_Steam_24 F4J7FYP2ED.ABLREAP A440
33 WTW1409VCW.ABWREAP Clothes Washer_Drum(DD)_Steam_24 F4J8FYP2WD.ABWREAP A440


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