Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner UltraFlex Fine Dust Pre-Motor Filter 1924993296 EF129

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Part codes: 1924993296 EF129

This is the filter for some Electrolux Ultra Flex vacuum cleaners.

    We recommend that your vacuum cleaners pre-motor filter is replaced every 6 months or when it becomes heavily dis-coloured.


    Electrolux ZSP4303PET
    Electrolux ZUF43010R
    Electrolux ZUF4305AF
    Electrolux ZUF4307ACT
    Electrolux ZUF4403PET
    Electrolux ZUFG42010R
    Electrolux Silent Performer Cyclonic ZSP4304PP
    Electrolux Ultra Flex ZUF4201OR
    Electrolux Ultra Flex ZUF4203PET
    Electrolux Ultra Flex ZUF4205AF

    ZUF4201OR 900273913
    ZSPG4301 90027425700

    ZUF4201OR 900273913
    ZUF4205AF 900273915
    ZUF4203PET 900273914

    ELECTROLUX ZUF4201OR 90027391300 
    ELECTROLUX ZUF4301OR 90027396900 
    ELECTROLUX ZUF4303PET 90027397000 
    ELECTROLUX ZUFG4201OR 90027394900 
    ELECTROLUX ZUF4307ACT 90027397200 
    ELECTROLUX ZSP4304PP 90027423600 
    ELECTROLUX ZSP4303PET 90027423500 
    ELECTROLUX ZSPG4301 90027425700 
    ELECTROLUX ZUF4305AF 90027397100 


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