Electrolux Vacuum Cylinder HEPA Filter - EF91B

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Genuine Electrolux filter.

  • For Electrolux & Volta vacuums
  • Single round premotor cartridge filter
  • Genuine Electrolux filter for superior quality
  • Replace every 3-6 months or when needed


Electrolux @ease Z4236AZ
Electrolux @ease Z4237AZ
Electrolux Airflow ZAS10
Electrolux Airspeed ZAS1000
Electrolux Powerglide Z3276AZ
Electrolux Powerglide Z327ZAZ
Electrolux ZAS1000A 900253129
Volta U3282AVZ 900253171

Electrolux - ZAS1000A, Enviro Vac: Z2252A, 2952A. Highlight: Z2901, 2905, 2910, 2911/DZ, 2915, 2929, 2925. Loopie: Z2957AZ, 2958AZ. Powerlite: Z2250A, 2255/A, 2256AZ. The Boss: Z2250...2278, B 2280 series. Velocity: Z 2927/B/BZ, 2930/BZ, Z 2950A, 2955AZ, 2956AZ, 2960A, 2961A, 2962A
Electrolux - @ease: Z4236... 4239AZ
Electrolux - AirSpeed: ZAS 100/A, 1010, ZAS 5200A
Electrolux - Powerglide: Z3276... 3279AZ, 3281AZ, 3282AVZ
Volta - U3282AVZ
Volta - Cyclone Power: Z7200 Series

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