Fisher & Paykel Delonghi Oven Hob Cooktop Igniter 630-500mm ORIGINAL Cable Candle - 533145

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Part codes: 533145

Oven Igniter L=630mm Spark Plug (semirapid and aux burner) - 084029

Semi Rapid Auxiliary Cable / Igniter / Candle


Fisher & Paykel CG604CLPX2
Fisher & Paykel ELBA CG604, OR90S, OR60S, EX66 Series

DEGH70WF, DE906GWF, D926GII, L61II, PEMX664/1 GHI, DGX664, LGHW60, DE91GW, DGW664, DEF608GW, DEGH60, LGHS60, YEMX9642B, YAL59ASDV, IL46ASV Rubinetti Ottone IMIT, DGHS70WF, DEGH60WT, PGVB965GHI, D906GII, BL46ASV Rubinetti Ottone IMIT - SOLO RICAMBI SOSTITUITO DA, P600DL011W, DGHS90WF, TGX965A Thermostat IMIT, PGX965 Termostato IMIT, DEGH60BG, DEW6631, AVF57AVT Rubinetti Alluminio SABAF, YEMX664, YGX965B, NL46ASV Rubinetti Ottone IMIT, NL59ASDV Rubinetti Ottone IMIT, YNF46ASV Rubinetti Alluminio SABAF, CFF 46 ASDV Rubinetti Alluminio SABAF, DEW664, BV46ASV.1 Rubinetti Ottone IMIT, BL46AS, PEMX166GHI, DEGH70W, BF36ASR, DEMK9642B, YAF57ASV Rubinetti Alluminio SABAF, ARF46ASDV Rubinetti Alluminio SABAF,  IL69 PRO Rubinetti Ottone IMIT, 8643 WX, TGVX 664 A, BF46/1ASV Rubinetti Ottone IMIT, NF 57 AVT Rubinetti Alluminio SABAF, NL 46 ASV Rubinetti Alluminio SABAF, MA 66 GGX, H 8644X, NV 46 ASV.1 Rubinetti Ottone IMIT, DE61GW, XF 46ASDV - SOLO RICAMBI - SOSTITUITO DA P6D0DL038X - Rubinetti Ottone IMIT, MA 66 GGW, DE91GW1, DE61GW, PEMA 965/1, A1026G, PEMA 965 A, AVF 46ASDV Rubinetti Ottone IMIT - SOSTITUITO DA P6D0DL044V, BF 46/1AS, CBF 46AS, ARF46ASDV - SOLO RICAMBI - SOSTITUITO DA P6D0DL045R - Rubinetti Ottone IMIT, M 61GX, CFF 46 ASDV Rubinetti Ottone IMIT, TGX 664/1 A, YGVX 965, XF 57AVT Rubinetti Ottone IMIT, PEMA 965/1, BL 59 ASDV Rubinetti Alluminio SABAF, PGX 166 GHI Termostato COPRECI, PGX 664 GHI, IF 46 ASDV Rubinetti Ottone IMIT, TEW 664/1 A, 

Delonghi A1346G ,
Delonghi D61GII ,
Delonghi D906GII ,
Delonghi DE906GWF ,
Delonghi DGHS60 ,
Delonghi DS61GW ,


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