Fisher & Paykel Dryer Door White Surround for Rear Venting Dryer - 427225P

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Part codes: 427225P

Complete plastic door surround with door gasket. Does not include the clear plastic insert or the screws which attach it or the male door catch or most of the hinge parts.

Usually the plastic posts that the window screws onto break off. Also, the hinge assembly mounts can break.

Suits most rear venting dryers. Will not suit models: AD39 and models beginning with DE35, DE40,DE60 and DEIX1 

Newer dryers have a small cut out in cabinet where the door closes.  It is located in the top middle and corresponds to the plunger on the door.  If your dryer does not have this cut out it is an older model.

Also when fitting the door to the older model dryer the breakaway plunger located on the inside top middle of the door will need to be removed.  


REAR VENTING - DE45, ED56, AD55, ED55, AD53, ED54, ED50, ED51, ED52, ED53, ED54, DE45, DE50, AD39U, AD39AU
AD52, AD53U, AD55 - 93214-A, DE45F56AW1 - 93008-A - 93104-A, DE45F56EW1 - 93010-A - 93108, DE50F56A1 - 93216-A, DE50F56A2 - 93234-A, DE50F56E1 - 93218-A, ED50, ED54, ED55, ED56AU, ED56 - 93158-A, 93158-B - 93215-A - 93215-B, ED57 - 93111-A, aerosense, 

92104-A DE45F56AW1 EL NZ
93234-A DE50F56A2 FP AU
92234-A DE50F56A2 FP NZ
93216-A DE50F56A1 FP AU
92216-A DE50F56A1 FP NZ
93218-A DE50F56E1 FP AU
92218-A DE50F56E1 FP NZ
92107-A DE45F56AW1 FP NZ
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