Fisher & Paykel Fridge / Freezer CNTRL BOARD 4 PIN W19-80 - HR05X01372

Sale price$166.46 + Freight and GST



62215-A HRF220TS3-LH HA AA
62217-A HRF360TS3 HA AA
62218-A HRF360TW3 HA AA
62220-A HRF454TW3 HA AA
62190-A HRF360TS2 HA AA
62193-A HRF454TW2 HA AA
62191-A HRF360TW2 HA AA
61257-A HRF220TW LH HA AA
61249-A HRF220TW HA AA
62219-A HRF454TS3 HA AA
62221-A HRF220TS3 HA AA
62214-A HRF220TW3 HA AA
62192-A HRF454TS2 HA AA

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