Fisher & Paykel Fridge Freezer Electronic Thermostat Kit - 813822P E240B E249T RF249T RF240B

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Part codes: 813822

This is the electronic thermistor thermostat kit for some Fisher & Paykel and ELBA by Fisher & Paykel fridge freezers.

It is basically a temperature sensor kit for the fridge which tells the fridge when to start and stop cooling - if your fridge is constantly freezing on the evap. plate at the back, this is normally the problem.

Contents: 1 x temp. sensor, 2 x gel sealed connectors, installers guide


E169, E249T, RF240B, FPE169T, RF169T, RB90S64MKIW1, E240B, RF249T , E308

Please see gallery to visually see where this is located.

E249T 21919-D, RB90S64M 21283-A (RB90S64MKIW1FP, E249T (21917-E E249TR D WW), E240B 21907-B (E240BR D FP WW), E240B 21909-F (E240BR D FP SX), E240B 21909-C (E240BR D FP SX), E240B 21907-E (E240BR D FP WW), E240B 21908-F (E240BL D FP WW), E240B 21910-G (E240BL D FP SX), E240B 21910-D (E240BL D FP SX), E240B 21907-G (E240BR D FP WW), E240B 21907-D (E240BR D FP WW), E240B 21909-J (E240BR D FP SX), E240B 21909-E (E240BR D FP SX), E240B 21908-I (E240BL D FP WW), E240B 21908-H (E240BL D FP WW), E240B 21908-E (E240BL D FP WW), E240B 21910-J (E240BL D FP SX), E240B 21910-F (E240BL D FP SX), E240B 21910-C (E240BL D FP SX), E240B 21907-I (E240BR D FP WW), E240B 21907-F (E240BR D FP WW), E240B 21907-C (E240BR D FP WW), E240B 21909-H (E240BR D FP SX), E240B 21909-D (E240BR D FP SX), E240B 21908-G (E240BL D FP WW), E240B 21908-B (E240BL D FP WW), E240B 21910-H (E240BL D FP SX), E240B 21910-E (E240BL D FP SX), E240B 21910-B (E240BL D FP SX), E240B 21907-H (E240BR D FP WW), E240B 21909-B (E240BR D FP SX)

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