Fisher & Paykel Fridge Freezer Water Filter - 847200 Compatible Version

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Part codes: 847200 Eco Aqua EFF-6049A or Steve's 847200

This is a compatible water filter for Fisher & Paykel part code 847200. Please match your model and product code via. the list below. We also sell the genuine Fisher & Paykel water filter by Paragon Water. You will be supplied a compatible replacement, brand may differ from picture depending on what is available. 

Certified to NSF 42 & NSF 53 by IAPMO like the original filters, removes heavy metals like lead and cysts, as well as chlorine, to provide a clean and great tasting water.


NZ Models

E402BRXFDU5 (25529-B, 25529-C)
E442BRXFDU5 (25548-B, 25548-C)
RF402BRPUX6 (25564-B, 25564-C)
RF442BRPUX6 (25582-B, 25582-C)
RF522ADUB5 (25598-B, 25598-C, 25598-D), RF522ADUX5 (25441-B, 25441-C), RF522WDRUB5 (25402-C, 25402-D), RF522WDLUX5 (25464-B, 25464-C), RF522WDRUX5 (25476-B, 25476-C)
RF610ADUB5 (25599-B, 25599-C, 25599-D), RF610ADUX5 (25493-B, 25493-C)
RS90AU1 (25348-C, 25839-A)
RS9120WRU1 (25846-A)

Other area models:

RF135BDLJX4 (25797-A), RF135BDLUX4 (25062-A, 25062-B, 25062-C), RF135BDRJX4 (25798-A), RF135BDRUX4 (25063-A, 25063-B, 25063-C), RF135BLPJX6 (25111-A, 25110-A, 25110-B, 25111-B, 25110-C, 25111-C)
RF170ADJX4 (25802-A), RF170ADUSB5 (25606-A, 25606-B), RF170ADUSX4 (25065-A, 25065-B, 25065-C), RF170BLPUX6 (25104-A, 25104-B, 25104-C), RF170BRPUX6 (25103-A, 25103-B, 25103-C), RF170WDLJX5 (25800-A), RF170WDLUX5 (25067-A, 25067-B, 25067-C), RF170WDRJX5 (25801-A), RF170WDRUB5 (25607-A, 25607-B), RF170WDRUX5 (25069-A, 25069-B, 25069-C)
RF201ACJSX1 (25371-A, 25371-B), RF201ACUSX1 (25372-A, 25372-B), RF201ADJSX5 (25799-A), RF201ADUSB5 (25608-A, 25608-B), RF201ADUSX5 (25072-A, 25072-B, 25072-C)
RS36A72J1 (25075-C, 25823-A), RS36A72U1 (25805-A), RS36A72U1 (25076-B, 25076-C), RS36A80J1 (24300-C), RS36A80J1 (25074-C, 25822-A), RS36A80U1 (24301-C), RS36A80U1 (25073-B, 25073-C, 25804-A), RS36W80LJ1 (24386-C), RS36W80LJ1 (25105-C, 25824-A), RS36W80RJ1 (24387-C), RS36W80RJ1 (25106-C, 25825-A), RS36W80RU1 (24388-C), RS36W80RU1 (25107-B, 25107-C, 25826-A)




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