Fisher & Paykel Fridge Freezer Water Filter for RS90AU - 842802 839041 862288

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Part codes: 842802 839041 862288 - Eco Aqua EFF-6001A Water Filter FWC1

This is a compatible high quality water filter, saving you heaps versus the genuine original ($97.75) and offering you excellent filtration at the same time.

Suits Models:

RS90A, RS36A, RS36W. RS120W, RS9120W, RS90AU, RS36AU 81099

For Fisher & Paykel fridge filters, please confirm your filter or fridge part number. 

The EcoAqua EFF-6001A fridge filter is suitable for the Fisher & Paykel 81099, RS90AU fridge. The EcoAqua EFF-6001A Fridge Filter is made to the highest drinking water and plumbing standards. This filter is suitable for all Fisher & Paykel fridges which have external fitted cartridges. This filter can also be replaced by the 81099-2 replacement fridge water filter. Designed to replace the original Whirlpool® 4396701 filter.

Technical specifications:

  • Flow rate: 2.95 lpm
  • Capacity: 2839 litres
  • Pressure Range: 172 kPa- 828 kPa
  • Operating Temp: 0.6°C - 38°C
  • Height: 24cm
  • Diameter: 4cm
  • Micron Rating: 1 Micron

Why choose an EcoAqua Filter? 

An EcoAqua water filter is designed to improve the taste, quality, and colour of your water and ice that is dispensed from your Fisher & Paykel fridge. Having a water filter built-in to your fridge helps to save you from buying bottled water, ultimately saving you money. The EcoAqua EFF-6001A is engineered to protect the internal operations of your refrigerator from sediment, dirt, and the build-up on scale, as well as purifying your water supply to make it as delicious and clean as possible. For optimum dispensing results and to keep your fridge in great working order, we recommend routinely changing your fridge water filter as per the instructions on the filter packaging. This will not only ensure that your water tastes pure and fresh, but this will also help to avoid service costs.

How long should my EcoAqua Filter last?

Refrigerator manufacturers strongly recommend that fridge water filters are replaced every six months, or as soon as the ‘change filter’ light appears either on the front display panel or near the filter cartridge casing in your refrigerator. However, if you notice that the clarity or the taste of your water has changed, this is an indication that it is time for a new water filter. Replacing your water filter when this occurs ensures that your water remains fresh and that the ice and water mechanisms in your fridge are protected from any corrosion. 


1. Locate the existing filter. Hold and firmly twist the cartridge to the left. 
2. Pull the cartridge away from the filter head. It is not unusual for a few drops of water to be present when the filter is removed. 
3. Discard the old filter cartridge. 
4. Before you install the new cartridge, remove the protective cap. 
5. To install, take the cartridge and insert it into the filter head. 
6. Push the cartridge up towards the filter head and rotate to the right until it locks into position.
7. Dispense 3 litres of water through the new cartridge to remove any trapped air and carbon fines.
8. Reset the filter indicator icon on the fridge display.

NOTE: Always dispense approximately 5 litres of water to flush out any trapped air or carbon fines following filter replacement. To reset the ‘filter light’, press and hold the JUG and RIGHT ARROW buttons for 4 seconds to reset the filter after changing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unsure of what water filter your Fisher & Paykel refrigerator might take, you can enter your fridge code into the search bar on the top left or right of your screen and click the search icon. This will give you a list of available replacement filters that will suit your fridge. 

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