Fisher & Paykel Haier Dryer ICAR 6µF 6uF Microfarad Capacitor - H00330506006A

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Model: WB4060. 6µF, AC 400V B, AC 450V C, 50/60Hz. Size: Ø30x51mm. VDE Certified to EN60252-1

Will be substituted with equivalent brand if out of ICAR.



HDV60E1 HA AA 61426-AHDV60E1 HA AA61426- HDV40A1 HA AA 61429-AHDV40A1 HA AA61429- , HDV50E1 HA AA 61427-AHDV50E1 HA AA61427-A, HDV60A1 HA AA 61428-AHDV60A1 HA AA61728-A, DE6060M1 FP AA 92268-ADE6060M1 FP AA92268-A1.67, DE6060G1 FP AA 92258-A DE6060G1 FP AA92258-A1.67, DE6060P1 FP AA 92257-ADE6060P1 FP AA92257-A1., DE6060G1 FP AA 93175-ADE6060G1 FP AA93175-A1., DE6060P1 FP AA 93174-A DE6060P1 FP AA93174-A1.71 MB, DE5060MU1 FP AA 93270-ADE5060MU1 FP AA 93270-A1.65 MBApr , DE5060G1 FP AA 92259-A DE5060G1 FP AA92259-A1.67 MBJun , DE5060M1 FP AA 93257-A DE5060M1 FP AA93257-A1.64 MBJun, DE5060M1 FP AA 93181-ADE5060M1 FP AA93181-A1.67 MBMar 2, DE5060G1 FP AA 93176-ADE5060G1 FP AA93176-A1.71 MBNov 2015, DE7060P1 FP AA 92270-A DE4060M1 FP AA 93258-ADE4060M1 DE4060M1 FP AA 93193-ADE4060M1 FP AA

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