Fisher & Paykel OB60 Series Oven Main Door Seal Gasket - 574424

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May come as open or closed seal depending on availability.


 If you have a double oven please check the list below carefully as the parts could be different for each oven
The oven gasket suits the following models:
Single Oven Door Seal OB60S, OB60S3LCX1, OB60S9DEM1, OB60S9DEX1, OB60SCCX1, OB60SCEW1, OB60SCEW2, OB60SCEW3, OB60SCEX1, OB60SCEX2, OB60SCEX3, OB60SCMW1 or 2 or 3, OB60SCMX1 or 2 or 3, OB60SCRX1, OB60SDEM1 or 2, OB60SDEX1 or 2, ob60scex4, 

Seal Gasket OB60B - Double Oven 
This gasket is only for the lower oven 

Door Seal OB60B77CEW1/2, OB60B77CEX1/2, OB60B77DEM1/2, OB60B77DEX1/2, OB60BCEW1/2/3, OB60BCEX1/2/3, OB60BDEM1/2/3, OB60BDEX1/2 
OB60B77CEW3 FP AA 81474,
OB60B77CEX3 FP AA 81477,
OB60B77CEX3 FP AA 80832-,
OB60B77CEW3 FP AA 80821-,
OB60B77CEX3 FP AA 80832-,
OB60B77CEW3 FP AA 80821,
OB60B77CEX2 FP AA 80746-,
OB60B77CEW2 FP AA 80736,
OB60B77CEW1 FP AA 80608,
OB60B77CEX1 FP AA 80611,

The gasket for the upper oven is part 

seal Gasket OB60D - Double Oven 
This gasket is for both ovens 

Seal Gasket OB60DDEM1 or 2 or 3, OB60DDEX1/2/3
OB60SCEX4 FP AA 81547-,
OB60SCEX4 FP AA 80818-,
OB60SCEX4 FP AA 80818-,
OB60SCEX3 FP AA IN 80729,
OB60SCEX2 FP AA 80631-,
OB60SCEW4 FP AA 80817,
OB60SCEW4 FP AA 80817,
OB60SCEW3 FP AA 80728-,
OB60SCEW2 FP AA 80630-,
OB60SCEW1 FP AU 80477-,

OB60SVMX4 FP AA 80812-B
OB60SVMX5 FP AA 80967-B
OB60SVMX5 FP AA 80967-A
OB60SVMX4 FP AA 80812-A
OB60SVMX3 FP AA 80741-A
OB60SVMX2 FP AA 80627-A
OB60SVMX1 FP NZ 80489-A

OB60B77CEW1 (80608-A)
OB60B77CEW2 (80736-A)
OB60B77CEW3 (80821-A)
OB60B77CEX1 (80611-A)
OB60B77CEX2 (80746-A)
OB60B77CEX3 (80832-A)
OB60B77DEM1 (80609-A)
OB60B77DEM2 (80737-A)
OB60B77DEX1 (80610-A)
OB60B77DEX2 (80738-A)
OB60B77DEX3 (80822-A)
OB60BCEW1 (80485-A)
OB60BCEW2 (80638-A)
OB60BCEW2 (85044-A)
OB60BCEW2 (89166-A)
OB60BCEW3 (80730-A)
OB60BCEX1 (80486-A)
OB60BCEX2 (80639-A)
OB60BCEX2 (85045-A)
OB60BCEX2 (89167-A)
OB60BCEX3 (80731-A)
OB60BCEX3 (85223-A)
OB60BDEM1 (80488-A)
OB60BDEM2 (80641-A)
OB60BDEX1 (80487-A)
OB60BDEX2 (80640-A)
OB60BDEX3 (80732-A)
OB60DDEM1 (80549-A)
OB60DDEM2 (80643-A)
OB60DDEM3 (80735-A)
OB60DDEX1 (80548-A)
OB60DDEX2 (80642-A)
OB60DDEX3 (80734-A)
OB60DDEX4 (80823-A)
OB60DEM3 (80733-A)
OB60S3LCX1 (85035-A)
OB60S3LCX2 (85226-A)
OB60S4CRW1 (85118-A)
OB60S4CRX1 (85117-A)
OB60S7CEW1 (85116-A)
OB60S7CEX1 (85115-A)
OB60S9DEM1 (80706-A)
OB60S9DEX1 (80707-A)
OB60S9DEX2 (80819-A)
OB60SCCX1 (85041-A)
OB60SCCX1 (89163-A)
OB60SCEW2 (80630-A)
OB60SCEW3 (80728-A)
OB60SCEW4 (80817-A)
OB60SCEX1 (80478-A)
OB60SCEX2 (80631-A)
OB60SCEX3 (80729-A)
OB60SCEX4 (80818-A)
OB60SCMW1 (80445-A)
OB60SCMW2 (80628-A)
OB60SCMW2 (85042-A)
OB60SCMW3 (80726-A)
OB60SCMW4 (80814-A)
OB60SCMX1 (80446-A)
OB60SCMX2 (80629-A)
OB60SCMX2 (85043-A)
OB60SCMX2 (89165-A)
OB60SCMX3 (80727-A)
OB60SCMX4 (80815-A)
OB60SCWE1 (80477-A)
OB60SCWEW2 (80630-A)
OB60SDEM1 (80480-A)
OB60SDEM2 (80633-A)
OB60SDEX1 (80479-A)
OB60SDEX2 (80632-A)
OB60SDTM1 (80482-A)
OB60SDTM2 (80635-A)
OB60SDTX1 (80481-A)
OB60SDTX2 (80634-A)
OB60SLCX2 (80625-A)
OB60SLCX2 (80810-A)
OB60SLCX3 (80810-B)
OB60SLMEX3 (80740-A)
OB60SLMFLX1 (85034-A)
OB60SLMFRX1 (85033-A)
OB60SLMFX1 (80509-A)
OB60SLMFX2 (80626-A)
OB60SLMFX4 (80811-A)
OB60SLMRFLX2 (85225-A)
OB60SLMRFRX2 (85224-A)
OB60SVMX1 (80499-A)
OB60SVMX2 (80627-A)
OB60SVMX3 (80741-A)
OB60SVMX3 (80810-A)
OB60SVMX4 (80812-A)
OR120DDWGFX1 (80556-B)
OR120DDWGFX2 (80833-A)
OR60SDBGFX2 (80835-A)
OR60SDBGX1 (80474-B)

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