Fisher & Paykel Rangehood MOTOR GROUP BT2 - 792432

Sale price$342.00 + Freight and GST


This part is deemed a service part by Fisher and Paykel and will require extra electrical knowledge to be able to install. 


50154-A HC90PCW1 FP AA
50152-A HC90PCX1 FP AA
50150-A HP60IDCHX3 FP AA
50151-A HP90IDCHX3 FP AA
50120-A HC60DCXB3 FP AA
50118-A HC90DCXB3 FP AA
81639-A HP60IDCHX2 FP AA
81338-A HP90IDCHX2 FP AA
50114-A HC120DCXB3 FP AA
50067-A HC60DCXB3 FP AA
50068-A HC90DCXB3 FP AA
50069-A HC120DCXB3 FP AA
50006-A HC60PLX4 UB AA A
50007-A HC90PLX4 UB AA
80861-A HP60IDCHX2 FP AA
80862-A HP90IDCHX2 FP AA
50153-A HC90PCB1 FP AA
50155-A HC90PCR1 FP AA

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