Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Lid Lock Assembly - POST-2005 - 424314P

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Part codes: 424314p 420700P

This lid lock assembly suits F&P machines POST-2005. Typically Phase 7 / P7CP / P7CPSD / P9NECO modules and onward. Phase 7 onwards, they got rid of the out of balance switch assembly, which is interconnected to the previous lid lock assembly.

The machine will not be locking the lid when this is faulty. If you're unsure, contact your local repairer, parts can't be returned because they don't fix the issue.


Will not suit MW511, GW611, GW511, GW711, IW711, IW811. It will also not suit some MW512, GW612, GW712 and possibly some IW712 and IW812, these were manufactured from 2005 onward. Please check in your machine before ordering.

WA65T60MW1, WA55T65MW1, WA70T60GW1, WA7060, WA7560, WA8560, WA55T65GW1, 




93264-B WL1068P1 FP AA
93265-B WASHER WA1068G1 FP AA
92266-B WASHER WA1068P1 FP AA
92262-B WASHER WA7560E1 FP AA
93261-B WASHER WA8560E1 FP AA
92263-B WASHER WA8560G1 FP AA
93264-B WASHER WL1068P1 FP AA
93262-B WASHER WA8560P1 FP AA
92264-B WASHER WL8060P1 FP AA
92282-A WA1068G2 FP AA
94242-A WA1060G1 FP SG
94238-A WA8056G1 FP SG
94224-A WA9060G1 FP SG
92266-A WA1068P1 FP AA
93265-A WA1068G1 FP AA
92240-A MW60 AA FP WH
92243-A WA7060M2 FP NZ (1)
92248-A WL8060P1 FP AA
93260-A MW513 AA FP WH
92260-A WA55T56GW1 FP AA
93263-A WA60T56GW1 FP AA
93261-A WA8560E1 FP AA
92263-A WA8560G1 FP AA
93264-A WL1068P1 FP AA
93262-A WA8560P1 FP AA
92264-A WL8060P1 FP AA
93259-A MW60 AA FP WH
92261-A - WA7060G2 FP AA
92265-A - WA7060M2 FP NZ
92262-A WA7560E1 FP NZ
92241-A WA70T60GW1 FP NZ
92244-A WA7560E1 FP AA
92245-A WA8560E1 FP AA
92246-A WA8560G1 FP AA
93242-A WA1068P1 FP AA
92247-A WA8560P1 FP AA
93241-A WA1068G1 FP AA
93240-A WL1068P1 FP AA
92242-A WA7060G2 FP AA
93239-A WA60T56GW1 FP AA
92243-A WA7060M2 FP NZ
93238-A WA55T56GW1 FP NZ
93100-A MW513 AA FP WH
92235-A WA7560E1 FP AA
93231-A WA7060G2 FP AA
93233-A WA7060M2 FP NZ
92233-A WA8560E1 FP AA
93232-A WA8560G1 FP AA
92232-A WA8560P1 FP AA
92224-A WA7060G1 FP AA
92225-A WA7060M1 FP NZ
94167-A WA8060G1 FP SG
92217-A WA7060E1 FP AA
92176-A WA8060G1 FP AA
92168-A WA8060E1 FP AA
92147-A WA8060P1 FP AA
92111-A WL8060P1 FP AA
93217-A WA1068P1 FP AA
92180-A MW60 AA FP WH
92183-A WA60T56GW1 FP AA
92121-B WA55T56MW1 EL NZ
92120-B WA65T60MW1 EL NZ
92121-A WA55T56MW1 EL NZ
92120-A WA65T60MW1 EL NZ
92205-A WA55T56MW1 EL NZ
92206-A WA65T60MW1 EL NZ
92208-A WA55T56MW1 EL NZ
92204-A WA65T60MW1 EL NZ
94239-A WA8056M1 FP SG
93207-A WA1068G1 FP AA
93222-A WL1068P1 FP AA
92132-A WA70T60FW1 FP AA
92112-A MW613 NZ FP WH
92129-A WA70T60GW1 FP AA
92103-A MW513 AA FP WH
92109-A WA55T56GW1 FP NZ
94162-A WA10T65FW1 FP HK
94193-A WA10T65GW1 FP HK
92135-A WA80T65FW1 FP AA
92133-A WA80T65GW1 FP AA
92159-A WA80T65FW1 FP AA
92158-A WA70T60FW1 FP AA
92193-A WA80T65GW1 FP AA
92171-A WL70T60CW2 FP NZ
92191-A WL80T65CW2 FP NZ
92145-A MW513 AA FP WH
92144-A MW613 NZ FP WH
93177-A WA55T56GW1 FP NZ
92146-A WA70T60GW1 FP AA
94123-A GWL12 HK FP WH 10_5KG
93197-A MW512 AA FP WH
92199-A MW612 NZ FP WH
93204-A WA55T56GW1 FP AA
93205-A WA65T60GW1 FP AA
93206-A WA75T65GW1 FP AA
92130-B WL70T60CW1 FP NZ
92117-B WL70T60DW1 FP NZ
92114-B WL80T65CW1 FP NZ
92118-B WL80T65DW1 FP NZ
93121-D MW512 AA FP WH
93121-E MW512 AA FP WH
92126-A MW612 NZ FP WH
93121-C MW512 AA FP WH
92128-B IW712 AA FP WH
92134-B IW812 AA FP WH
94131-B GWL12 HK FP WH
92160-A WA55T56GW1 FP AA
92164-A WA65T60GW1 FP AA
92169-A WA75T65GW1 FP AA
92122-A GW512 NZ FP WH
92124-A GW612 NZ FP WH
92131-A GW712 NZ FP WH
94131-A GWL12 HK FP WH
92128-A IW712 NZ FP WH
92134-A IW812 NZ FP WH
92123-A WA65T60MW1 FP PI
92130-A WL70T60CW1 FP NZ
92117-A WL70T60DW1 FP NZ
92114-A WL80T65CW1 FP NZ
92118-A WL80T65DW1 FP NZ
92207-A IW512 NZ FP WH
92202-A IW712 NZ FP WH
92211-A IW812 NZ FP WH
92253-A WL70T60CW1 FP NZ
92252-A WL70T60DW1 FP NZ
92250-A WL80T65CW1 FP NZ
92251-A WL80T65DW1 FP NZ
92209-A GW512 NZ FP WH
92201-A GW612 NZ FP WH
92210-A GW712 NZ FP WH
92221-A WL70T60CW1 FP NZ
92127-A WL70T60DW1 FP NZ

wa65t60mw, wa55t56mw, WA1068G
92114, WL80T65CW1, 92117, WL70T60DW1, 92118, WL80T65DW1, 92130, WL70T60CW1, 92171, WL70T60CW1, 92191, WL80T65CW2, 92250, WL80T65CW1, 92251, WL80T65DW1, 92252, WL70T60DW1, 92253, WL70T60CW1,  92114, WL80T65CW1, 92117, WL790T60DW1, 92118, WL80T65DW1, 92125, WL80T65DW1, 92127, WL70T60DW1, 92130, WL70T60CW1, 92171, WL70T60CW2, 92191, WL80T65CW2, 92221, WL70T60CW1, 92250, WL80T65CW1, 92251, WL80T65DW1, 92252, WL70T60DW1, 92253, WL70T60CW1,  WL1068G1, WA8560E1, WA8560P1, WL4027G1, WL4027P1, WA3927G1, WL4027P2, WA3927G2, WA8060P1, WA8060E1, WA7060E1, WA7060G1, WA7060M1, 
WL70T60CW2LF7P0TN6Z0C9W2912711F7-P1A-NAZ WL70T60CW1LF7P0TN6Z0C9W29121310F3-P0B-NBZ WL70T60DW1LF7P0TN6Z0D9W2912117F1-P7B-NBZ WL70T60CW1LF7P0TN6Z0C9W29121310F3-P0A-NAZ WL70T60DW1LF7P0TN6Z0D9W2912117F1-P7A-NAZ WL70T60CW1LF7P0TN6Z0C9W29221523F5-P3A-NAZ WL70T60DW1LF7P0TN6Z0D9W2922152F5-P2A-NAZ WL70T60CW1LF7P0TN6Z0C9W29221221F2-P1A-NAZ WL70T60DW1LF7P0TN6Z0D9W29121217F2-P7A-NAZ WL1068P1 FWPLA1A06983P2164F9-PA32A6A4-A WL1068P1 FWPLA1A06983P2140F9-PA32A4A0-A WL1068P1 FWPLA1A06983P2122F9-PA32A2A2-A WL8060P1 FWPLA8A06902P2148F9-PA22.Ap4Ad8f-A WL8060P1 FWPLA8A06902P2164F9-PA22A6A4-A WL8060P1 FWPLA8A06902P111F9-AP21A1A1-A WL80T65CW2LF8P0TN6Z5C9W2912911F9-P1A-NAZ WL80T65CW1LF8P0TN6Z5C9W2912114F1-P4B-NBZ WL80T65DW1LF8P0TN6Z5D9W2912118F1-P8B-NBZ WL80T65CW1LF8P0TN6Z5C9W2912114F1-P4A-NAZ WL80T65DW1LF8P0TN6Z5D9W2912118F1-P8A-NAZ WL80T65CW1LF8P0TN6Z5C9W29221520F5-P0A-NAZ WL80T65DW1LF8P0TN6Z5D9W29221521F5-P1A-NAZ WL80T65CW1LF8P0TN6Z5C9W29221220F2-P0A-NAZ WL80T65CW1LF8P0TN6Z5C9W29221220F2-P0B-NBZ.




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