Kenwood Mixer Creaming Beater Including Wiper - KW716072

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CREAMING BEATER ASSEMBLY including WIPER for some Kenwood stand mixers.


    Kenwood KHH30
    Kenwood MultiOne KHH301WH

    Kenwood KHH311WH
    Kenwood KHH30
    Kenwood KHH300
    Kenwood KHH300WH
    Kenwood KHH301
    Kenwood KHH301WH
    Kenwood KHH302
    Kenwood KHH302WH
    Kenwood KHH303
    Kenwood KHH303SI
    Kenwood KHH31
    Kenwood KHH311
    Kenwood KHH311WH
    Kenwood KHH32
    Kenwood KHH321
    Kenwood KHH321SI
    Kenwood KHH321WH
    Kenwood KHH322
    Kenwood KHH322WH
    Kenwood KHH323
    Kenwood KHH323WH
    Kenwood KHH324
    Kenwood KHH324RD
    Kenwood KHH326
    Kenwood KHH326BK
    Kenwood KHH326SI
    Kenwood KHH326WH
    Kenwood KHH326WR


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