Kenwood Multi Pro Blender Liquidiser Base FDM785 FDM78 FDM786 FDM791 - KW715728

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Part code: KW715728 goes with KW715729

This is the Blender Liquidiser Base for some Kenwood Multi Pro food processors. The liquidiser base screws on to the goblet to secure the blade in the liquidiser attachment. Genuine Kenwood food processor Plastic collar.


Kenwood FDM785
Kenwood FDM785BA
Kenwood FDM791
Kenwood Multi Pro FDM78
Kenwood Multi Pro FDM78
Kenwood Multi Pro FDM786
0W22000004 - FDM781
0W22011016 - FDM790
0W22011018 - FDM790BA
0W22011015 - FDM791
0W22011012 - FDM769
0W22000003 - FDM781
0W22011013 - FDM785
0W22011014 - FDM786
0W22011020 - FDM788

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