Miele Series 50 Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter C1 Classic C2 Compact Complete C3 Complete

Sale price$19.99 + Freight and GST


Part codes: 07226150, 4002514458373, 7226170, SF-AAC50, SF-AH50 SF-AA50

Miele HEPA Filter

Made in Germany for Miele, may come in Blue or Black


Miele 7226170
Miele S4000
Miele S5000
Miele S6000
Miele S6220 Cat&Dog
Miele S6240
Miele S6290 Silence
Miele S6350
Miele S6760
Miele S6999
Miele S8000
Miele S8330
Miele S8730
Miele SF-AAC50
Miele SF-AH50

C1 Classic, C2 Compact, C2 Complete, C3 Complete

Cat & Dog Turbo

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