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Part codes: PM9442600 PM9442601 9442600 9442601 09442601, 09442600, 05269601, 05269091 MTH-1


  • Single tubular non-electric hose handle
  • This is the part you hold when vacuuming
  • Genuine Miele vacuum handle
  • Easy to replace. 


  • Extensive List: Miele vacuum handle designed for a wide range of Miele vacuum cleaners, including the C1, C2, C3 (Compact & Complete), and numerous S-series models.


  • Genuine Miele Part: Ensures proper fit and function.
  • Durable: These Miele vacuum parts are made to the same quality standards as the original handle.
  • Easy Replacement: Likely designed for easy swapping in case your old one breaks.

Before You Buy

  1. Know your Miele Model: Find the model number on your vacuum (usually on a sticker).

Additional Considerations:

Non-Electric: If you have a Miele vacuum with controls on the handle (power, suction settings), this is NOT the correct part.


Miele CGEA0
Miele S2111
Miele S2130
Miele S381
Miele S4210
Miele S4211
Miele S4221
Miele S4280
Miele S4281
Miele S4441
Miele S4510
Miele S4511
Miele S4560
Miele S4580
Miele S4581
Miele S4660
Miele S4711
Miele S4780
Miele S4781
Miele S500
Miele S5000
Miele S500i
Miele S501
Miele S510
Miele S511
Miele S511-1
Miele S5111
Miele S512
Miele S512-1
Miele S5121
Miele S512i
Miele S513
Miele S514
Miele S514-1
Miele S515-1
Miele S516
Miele S516-1
Miele S517-1
Miele S518
Miele S518-1
Miele S5181
Miele S521
Miele S5210
Miele S5211
Miele S5212
Miele S524
Miele S524i
Miele S526
Miele S5261
Miele S528
Miele S5280
Miele S5281
Miele S5311
Miele S534
Miele S536
Miele S5360
Miele S5361
Miele S538
Miele S544
Miele S548
Miele S548i
Miele S550
Miele S556
Miele S560
Miele S566i
Miele S570
Miele S571
Miele S572
Miele S578
Miele S600
Miele S612
Miele S6210
Miele S624
Miele S626
Miele S6320
Miele S634
Miele S636
Miele S638
Miele S644
Miele S646
Miele S648
Miele S658
Miele S700
Miele S710
Miele S710-1
Miele S711
Miele S711-1
Miele S712
Miele S712-1
Miele S714
Miele S714-1
Miele S715
Miele S716
Miele S716-1
Miele S717
Miele S718
Miele S718-1
Miele S719
Miele S724
Miele S726
Miele S728
Miele S734
Miele S736
Miele S738
Miele S744
Miele S745
Miele S748
Miele S749
Miele S758
Miele S771
Miele S812
Miele S8210
Miele S826
Miele S828
Miele S8310
Miele S8320
Miele S8330
Miele S834
Miele S836
Miele S8360
Miele S838
Miele S844
Miele S846
Miele S848
Miele S849
Miele S858
Miele SDAB0
Miele SDAB4
Miele SGDA0
Miele SGDA3
Miele SGFE0
Miele Complete C3 Allergy PowerLine SGFA0
Miele Complete C3 Cat&Dog PowerLine SGEA0

Miele S2110, S501, S524, S548, S370, S511, S526, S571, S371, S512, S5260, S600, S372, S513, S5261, S612, S374, S514, S528, S624, S380, S516, S5280, S626, S381, S518, S534, S628, S4210, S5210, S536, S634, S4211, S5211, S538, S636, S500, S5220, S544, S638, S644, S714, S734, S826, S646, S715, S736, S834, S648, S716, S744, S836, S700, S717, S748, S838, S710, S718, S800, S844, S711, S724, S812, S846, S712, S726, S824, S848 and many more.

S4212 Plus, S2110, S5211, S538, S370, S500, S5220, S544, S371, S501, S524, S548, S372, S511, S526, S571, S374, S512, S5260, S600, S380, S513, S5261, S612, S381, S514, S528, S624, S4210, S516, S5280, S626, S4211, S518, S534, S628, S4212, S5210, S536, S634, S636, S712, S734, S826, S638, S714, S736, S834, S644, S715, S744, S836, S646, S716, S748, S838, S648, S717, S762, S844, S700, S718, S800, S846, S710, S724, S812, S848, S711, S726, S824


S8000 - S8999 S8

S6000 - S6999 S6

S5000 - S5999 S5

S4000 - S4999 S4

S2000 - S2999 S2




Miele - S2120, S5261, S8320, S5210, S514, S812, S624, S8310, S4212, S511, S512, S518-1, S526, S538, S624, S638, S517-1, S712, S4281, S388, S2130, S2110, S2111, S5261, S5211, S5210, S2110, S501, S524, S548, S370, S511, S526, S571, S371, S512, S5260, S600, S372, S513, S5261, S612, S374, S514, S528, S624, S380, S516, S5280, S626, S381, S518, S534, S628, S4210, S5210, S536, S634, S4211, S5211, S538, S636, S500, S5220, S544, S638, S644, S715, S736, S834, S646, S716, S744, S836, S648, S717, S748, S838, S700, S718, S800, S844, S710, S724, S812, S846, S711, S726, S824, S848, S712, S734, S826, TOTAL CARE 5000, S6210
Miele Classic C1

Miele Compact C1

Miele Compact C2

Miele Complete C2

Miele C3 Family All Rounder - SGDA0

MIele S4 Series models

Miele S5 Series models

Miele S2000 Series models

Miele S4000 Series models

Miele S500 Series models

Miele S600 Series models

This is a replacement handle for non-electric hoses included with select Miele S2, S4, S5, S6 and S8 models. It snaps onto the hose and is held in place with two clips. The handle has a suction release slider that is useful when reduced suction is needed to clean draperies and other sensitive items.
Suits anything prior to S6000 models

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