Miele Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter - SF-HA50

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Part codes: PM09616280 PM7226170 7226170 PM9616280 9616280 09616280 SF-HA 50

The Miele Active Hepa Filter SF-HA 50 genuine filter for Miele vacuums series S4000/S5000 including Miele Cat & Dog vacuum cleaners. Designed for those who suffer from allergies and ideal for pet owners as it filters the air better than normal filters.

• Ideal for those allergic to house dust, ≥ 99.95% dust retention.
• HEPA class 13 in accordance with EN 1822/2011
• With timestrip® filter replacement indicator
• To maintain appliance performance, change the filter once a year
• Suitable for: S300- S800, S2 and S7 upright models.
• Contents: 1 filter


    Miele C3 COMPLETE
    Miele SGFA0
    Miele SGFAO
    Miele S4210
    Miele S4211
    Miele S4221
    Miele S4280
    Miele S4281
    Miele S4510
    Miele S4511
    Miele S4560
    Miele S4580
    Miele S4581
    Miele S4660
    Miele S4711
    Miele S4781
    Miele S5000
    Miele S5111
    Miele S5121
    Miele S5210
    Miele S5211
    Miele S5212
    Miele S5260
    Miele S5261
    Miele S5280
    Miele S5281
    Miele S5360
    Miele S5361
    Miele S5380
    Miele S5481
    Miele S5510
    Miele S5630
    Miele S5781
    Miele S5980
    Miele S8210
    Miele S8310
    Miele S8320
    Miele S8330
    Miele S8360
    Miele SGEA3

    S4210 S4582 S5321 S5981 S6780
    S4211 S4711 S5360 S6210 S6790
    S4212 S4712 S5361 S6220 S8310
    S4213 S4780 S5380 S6230 S8320
    S4221 S4781 S5381 S6240 S8330
    S4222 S4782 S5410 S6250 S8340
    S4260 S4812 S5411 S6260 S8360
    S4261 S5210 S5421 S6270 S8370
    S4262 S5211 S5480 S6280 S8380
    S4280 S5212 S5481 S6290 S8390
    S4281 S5220 S5510 S6310 S8510
    S4282 S5221 S5520 S6320 S8520
    S4510 S5222 S5560 S6330 S8530
    S4511 S5260 S5580 S6340 S8590
    S4512 S5261 S5710 S6350 S8710
    S4560 S5280 S5711 S6360 S8730
    S4561 S5281 S5760 S6390 S8790
    S4562 S5282 S5780 S6710 S8930
    S4580 S5310 S5781 S6730 S8960
    S4581 S5311 S5980 S6760 S8990

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