Samsung Fridge Lowest Door Bottle Shelf - DA63-07161B

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 New replacement door shelf DA63-07161B for some Samsung NZ fridge freezers for the two lowest positions on the door - lowest and 2nd from the bottom. This is the same as DA63-07161A but with a silver trim on the shelf edge, they both interchange with one another.


Samsung RL4013UBASL/SA
Samsung RL4033UBASL/SA
Samsung SLR450ELS
Samsung SRL448DLS
Samsung SRL449EW
Samsung SRL450ELS
Samsung RL4013UBAWWSA (Version 0000) Barosa Bottom Mount Freezer 450L
Samsung RL4014SBABS
Samsung RL40A4SBASL
Samsung SRL445BLS
Samsung SRL446DLS
Samsung SRL451BLS 
Samsung RL4014UBASL/SA
Samsung SRL448DLS
Samsung SRL449EW
Samsung SRL453DW
Samsung SRL454DSP
Samsung SRL455DLS
Samsung SRL457MW
Samsung SRL458ELS
Samsung RL4003SBABS

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