Samsung Washing Machine Door Switch - DC64-00828G

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WD16J9845KG/SA, WD75K5410OW/NZ, WD85K6410OW/NZ, WD85N74FNOR/SA, WF13N7510KW/NZ, WF16J9800KV/SA, WF16N8750KV/SA, WV16M9945KV/SA, WW11K8412OW/SA, WW70K6210RW/NZ, WW75K5210WW/SA, WW75K54E0UW/SA, WW85K5410WW/SA, WW85K54E0UW/SA, WW85K6410QX/SA, WW85M64FOPW/SA, WW85M74FNOR/SA

WD13J7825KPSA(Version 0000) WD13J7825KPSA(Version 0001)
WD13J7825KPSA(Version 0002) WD16J9845KGSA(Version 0000)
WW11K8412OWSA(Version 0000) WW11K8412OWSA(Version 0001)
WW85K5410WWSA(Version 0000) WW85K6410QXSA(Version 0000)
WD13J7825KPSA(Version 0003) WD85K6410OWNZ(Version 0000)
WW75K5210WWSA(Version 0000) WF16J9800KVSA(Version 0000)
WV16M9945KVSA(Version 0000) WW85M74FNORSA(Version 0000)

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