Universal Rangehood Filter Kit - Grease Filter w/ Saturation Indicator + Carbon Filter 900mm

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  • Range hood filter designed to fit a wide range of range hoods (both recirculating and ducted)
  • Universal range hood filter Cut-to-size design allows for customization.
  • Grease filter: Traps cooking grease and larger particles.
  • Carbon Filter: Helps with odor reduction (especially in recirculating range hoods).
  • Saturation Indicator: Changes color to signal when the filters need replacing.

Important Notes:

  • Size: 900mm is the maximum width. You'll need to cut the filters down to your range hood's size.
  • Filter Change Frequency: Depends on cooking habits, but carbon filters typically need replacing every 3-6 months.
  • Recirculating vs. Ducted: If you have a ducted rangehood (that vents to the outside), the carbon filter might be optional.


  • May not be ideal for ALL range hoods due to differences in how the filters are secured. You may need some creative fastening solutions.


  • These range hood filter replacements are Versatile and adaptable due to their cut-to-size nature.
  • Cost-effective compared to some brand-specific filters.
  • Saturation indicator helps with timely replacements.


  • May not fit as perfectly as filters made for a specific range hood model.
  • Filter quality may be slightly lower than some genuine brand replacements.

Size: 470x900mm

Kit: 1 grease filter with saturation indicator + 1 carbon filter. 

Code: P3440 SATFIL

Suitable for 90cm wide or can be cut.

Universal Rangehood Cooking Filter

Grease Filter with saturation indicator & Carbon Filter

The grease filter slowly changes colour to indicate when replacement is necessary.

Suits codes: 50296053007, 9029792158

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