The industry we trade is growing and thriving so we gathered together some published research figures to show growth information for our busy retailers to help with your long term customer sales plans. 

What Is Driving The Vacuum Cleaner Spare Parts Market Increase?

From what we have read, urban densification, a growing middle class and a greater appreciation for the benefits of vacuum cleaners will continue to drive our vacuum cleaner markets.

A growing awareness of allergies and health issues related to clean and dust-free environments is another driver for our sales. Increasing awareness related to cleanliness and hygiene will surge the growth of the global vacuum cleaner market.

 A niche demand has also arisen from the increased focus on garage and storage area upgrades and the care of these upgraded spaces.

Vacuum cleaners are seen as affordable, safe and more effective in restricted spaces than other cleaning methods. This factors will continue to positively impact sales for us all.

The research has shown that sellers of vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner spare parts need to watch pricing levels as that is seen as the greatest threat to sales growth.

The growing adoption of automated technologies in households and trending smart homes will escalate the growth of the global vacuum cleaner market throughout the forecast period.

Global Vacuum Cleaner Market - NZ$33.9 Billion By 2027

The research that we looked at showed that the home vacuum cleaner market projections were revised following the 2020/2021 anomaly. It still remained healthy which is great news for us and you, our loyal retailers. The revision adjusted the 2027 outlook to NZ$33.9 Billion based on an annual growth rate of six per cent measured from 2020 to 2027. 

The vacuum cleaner spare parts market is expected to follow the same trajectory.

The researchers also ringfenced the upright vacuum cleaner category which showed a stronger projected growth rate at seven per cent and an estimated NZ$10.4 billion globally. 

The canister vacuum cleaner category (bagged and bagless) information was also conveniently isolated by the analysts. With the adjustments made for the 2020/2021 economic crunch,  the canister vacuum cleaner segment had its forecast information adjusted to 6.1 per cent annual growth. 

The trajectory of the vacuum cleaner spare parts segment is projected to be similar.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic cleaners are still a niche segment of the market but are growing in popularity. Market analysts shared information that 6.6 per cent market growth per year is expected for the major global markets. Us merry folk in the Asia-Pacific market are expected to collectively reach a market size of NZ$ 4.1 billion by 2027. 

As always, the vacuum cleaner spare parts figures are expected to follow the same trend.

So after a tough start to this decade, we can currently look forward to some solid growth and many more customers for all of us to serve.

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