Breville is a legacy brand that has built a phenomenal reputation in the world without the hype and extreme chasing of trends done by some brands. Born from an engineering mindset, the entire scope of machines have always been grounded in solid mechanical integrity and a subtle aesthetic. The Breville parts, NZ, maintain that superior quality up to today. Breville doesn’t aim to be the funkiest or the most expensive, they aim to work the best, always. So where does this excellent brand come from?

The Birth Of Breville Equipment And Breville Parts

Breville started as an engineering firm, producing beautiful radios. Really beautiful radios! In 1932, two Aussies, Mr Bill O’Brien and Mr Harry Norville, put their noggins together and NZ$70,000 (today’s value) and started their business.

Parts of their surnames, “Br” and “Ville”, created the name Breville. When WWII was blasting away at the economy Breville saved lives by building mine detectors. With TVs arriving in the 1950s, Breville sold the radio business and focused on household appliances. They made small kitchen appliances and sold Precedent brand televisions. 

The small kitchen appliances suited their business model better so they sold the TV division and, with Bill’s son John now on board in the 60s, started an R&D division. John led the creation of more than 100 patents for Breville appliances and Breville parts.

Breville Equipment & Breville Parts NZ In Contemporary Times

With brands falling by the wayside, Breville grew steadily, keeping its dedication to quality and innovation. Their revolutionary ‘Snack n Sandwich’ appliance was a hot seller with the market naming toasted sandwiches “Brevilles”.

The exciting ‘Kitchen Wizz’, ‘Scraper Mixer Pro’ and other inventions slashed food preparation times and in the 80s they again caused a stir in the market with an electric wok. With the 21st century on the horizon, Breville launched their very popular Panini Press & Juice Fountain.

The embedded culture of science, research and subtle aesthetics was recognised when the ‘Breville 800 Class Citrus Press’ was awarded a position in the Powerhouse Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Australia. 

Another award-winning appliance was the Smart Toaster with the Breville parts division designing a brilliant lowering mechanism, an insightful ‘Look and Lift’ feature and an ingenious ‘A Bit More’ button. The personification of User Experience design!

Breville Equipment & Breville Parts NZ In Coffee Times

Dozens of amazing new appliances were brought out by Breville but, again, it revolutionised a sector of the market when it launched its home espresso machine. The Dual Boiler espresso machine and the related Breville parts, NZ, were a hit with the Oracle Touch being the flagship product in 2017.

The next revolutionary product was the 3X’ Bluicer with very futuristic aesthetics and a new word for the English language ‘bluicing’ - juicing and blending. Breville bought Baratza, the famous coffee-grinding company, to complement its soaring coffee equipment and Breville parts business. 

Coffee and food preparation can only get better and Breville better as each year passes!

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