Just like with any piece of equipment, your vacuum cleaner may need some repairs as the years wage on and you will most likely need to replace certain parts. Replacing parts as they break is a good way to expand the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners, especially good ones, are very expensive, so it is much cheaper to maintain the one that you do have.

It’s important to inspect your vacuum cleaner briefly after each use to see if any parts need replacing. As providers of vacuum cleaner accessories in NZ, we offer the following parts at Steve’s Appliance Spares:

Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Vacuum cleaner bags are usually very hardy but have been known to break, especially when sucking in sharp objects, as well as due to wear and tear.


Handles are usually made of plastic and are known to break from time to time. Best thing is to just replace them straight away.


There are a variety of different nozzle attachments that you can purchase for your vacuum cleaner.


Filters need to be cleaned regularly if you don’t want to have to continue buying more.


Motors are usually the most expensive part to replace when it comes to vacuum cleaner accessories in NZ, and you may need a professional to help you install it.

Floor Tools

We offer a wide variety of floor tools to help you get as much cleaning done in as little time as possible.

Suction Tools

Telescopic suction tools help you get into all of those hard to reach places such as behind cupboards etc. It’s great add-on to buy if you don’t have one already.

At Steve’s Appliance Spares, we offer over 400 products when it comes to vacuum cleaner accessories, as we aim to offer a comprehensive range of products.

Knowing Your Brand and Model

When it comes to vacuum cleaner accessories, it is definitely not a one size fits all solution. You need to be aware of your vacuum cleaner’s make and model so that you can determine whether parts are compatible or not. 

Whether you simply want to care for your own vacuum cleaner, or you’re a repair shop that does hundreds of vacuum cleaner repairs, Steve’s Appliance Spares is the best place to buy vacuum cleaner parts and accessories. Get in touch with us today should you have any questions, or just enjoy browsing our selection. All of our products can be delivered to your door!