Bissell is a highly respected vacuum cleaner brand that sells its products in almost every country in the world, and has been going for many years. If you're lucky enough to own a Bissell vacuum cleaner, you’ll know how great these machines are for cleaning every corner of your home or office. But if you really want your Bissell vacuum cleaner to stand the test of time, you should realize that you’re going to have to replace your Bissell parts sooner or later.

How to Know When I Need to Replace Bissell Parts

Like with any other piece of equipment in your home, you should inspect your vacuum cleaner after every use. See which parts are experiencing some wear and tear. Look at what looks damaged. If you need to replace parts there will be tell-tale signs, and in some cases your vacuum cleaner may not work, make strange noises, or just appear to be generally faulty, so be sure to look out for the warning signs to make repairs in time.

Fix Myself or Get a Professional Repairman

When it comes to replacing parts and fixing your vacuum cleaner, it is really up to how comfortable you feel doing so. Some parts are much easier to replace than others. More complex parts you may want to leave in the capable hands of a professional handyman. You could add further damage if you have no idea what you are doing. But at the end of the day there are dozens of online tutorials that can help guide you through the process.

The Bissell Parts we sell at Steve's Appliance Spares

At Steve’s Appliance spares we aim to offer you a comprehensive range of genuine Bissell parts so that you, or your repairman, can repair and maintain your Bissell vacuum cleaner. We supply the following parts:

  • Bissell Lift Off Vacuum Cleaner Belts (pack of two)
  • Bissell Steam Mop Water Tank (including cap)
  • Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Belt 
  • Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Belt (pack of two)
  • Bissell Vacuum Cleaner HEPA and pre-motor Filter Pak
  • Bissell Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter
  • And More!

Looking to buy Bissell parts in NZ? Here at Steve’s Appliance Spares, we offer a variety of genuine Bissell vacuum cleaner parts to make your repair and maintenance need all the easier. Order these parts online and have them delivered directly to your door. Get in touch with us should you have any questions.

Easy DIY Steps

DIY repairs are handy. They save time and money. You can do many repairs at home. Here are easy steps for Bissell vacuum maintenance. Start with the manual. It's your guide. Understand your vacuum's parts. Know how they fit together. The manual shows how to do basic repairs. First, change or clean filters. It's usually simple. Turn off and unplug the vacuum. Remove the filter. Wash or replace it. Dry it thoroughly. Then, put it back. This improves suction and efficiency.

Next, clear the brush roll. Hair and debris often gather here. Turn off and unplug the vacuum. Remove the bottom plate. Cutaway tangled hair. Pull out debris. Check the brush's bristles. Replace the brush if worn. Then, unclog the hose. Clogs reduce suction. Turn off and unplug the vacuum. Remove the hose. Look through it. If clogged, use a broom handle to push out the blockage gently. Be careful not to puncture the hose. Also, check and replace bags or bins. Don't wait until they're full. This reduces suction. For bags, have replacements ready. For bins, empty them after each use. Clean them with water. Let them dry before replacing them.

Remember to check and replace belts. Belts make brushes spin. Over time, they stretch or break. This stops the brushes. Turn off and unplug the vacuum. Access the belt area. Remove the old belt. Place the new belt as shown in the manual. Lastly, listen to your vacuum. Strange sounds can signal a problem. They often mean something's stuck or a part's worn out. Address these sounds early. Check the vacuum's parts. Replace or repair as needed.


Maintaining your Bissell vacuum is crucial. It ensures longevity and optimal performance. Regular care saves time and money, avoiding costly repairs. Use genuine Bissell parts for a perfect fit and lasting durability. Remember, routine tasks like cleaning filters, clearing brush rolls, unclogging hoses, and replacing bags or bins are simple yet impactful. These actions maintain your vacuum's efficiency and extend its life. DIY repairs are straightforward, save on professional fees, and keep your vacuum in top condition. Don't wait for a breakdown. Start taking care of your Bissell vacuum today. Visit our website for genuine Bissell parts and further maintenance tips. Keep your vacuum at peak performance and enjoy a cleaner home with our trusted, high-quality components.