Kenwood Mixer Glass Liquidiser Attachment KAH359GL for Chef and Major Mixers - AW22000005

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Part codes: AW22000005

Replaces KAH358GL

The KAH359GL glass blender / liquidiser attachment for some Kenwood Chef and Major mixers. Attaches to the high speed outlet at the top of your Kenwood mixer. Perfect attachment for making smoothies.

Genuine Kenwood mixer blender / liquidiser attachment ThermoResist™ Glass Blender Dish washer safe
High speed outlet
Capacity: Hot liquid 1.2 L  / Cold liquid 1.6 L
Dimensions - Height 275 mm
Includes: Glass jug Blade Seal Lid Centre Lid

The ThermoResist™ Glass Blender switches between hot and cold mixes without the slightest risk of shattering or clouding. With removable, easy clean stainless steel blades, it's a great addition to your Kenwood toolkit.

The innovative stir stick efficiently mixes even really thick recipes and the unique Multi Zone blades can blend everything from soft fruit to ice.

A great attachment that can be used on all Chef and Major Kitchen Machines, and Cooking Chef.


                  Kenwood KVC30
                  Kenwood KVL80
                  Kenwood Chef A701A
                  Kenwood Chef A900
                  Kenwood Chef KM001
                  Kenwood Chef KM002
                  Kenwood Chef KM003
                  Kenwood Chef KM200
                  Kenwood Chef KM201
                  Kenwood Chef KM210
                  Kenwood Chef KM220
                  Kenwood Chef KM290
                  Kenwood Chef KM300
                  Kenwood Chef KM310
                  Kenwood Chef KM315
                  Kenwood Chef KM316
                  Kenwood Chef KM330
                  Kenwood Chef KM331
                  Kenwood Chef KM335
                  Kenwood Chef KM336
                  Kenwood Chef KM340
                  Kenwood Chef KM346
                  Kenwood Chef KM400
                  Kenwood Chef KM410
                  Kenwood Chef KM416
                  Kenwood Chef KM417
                  Kenwood Chef KM440
                  Kenwood Chef KM460
                  Kenwood Chef KM500
                  Kenwood Chef KM502
                  Kenwood Chef KMC030
                  Kenwood Chef KMC500
                  Kenwood Chef KMC510
                  Kenwood Chef KMC550
                  Kenwood Chef KMC577
                  Kenwood Chef Premier KMC570
                  Kenwood Chef Professional PM400
                  Kenwood Chef Titanium KM010
                  Kenwood Chef Titanium KM011
                  Kenwood Chef Titanium KM013
                  Kenwood Chef Titanium KM030
                  Kenwood Chef Titanium KMC010
                  Kenwood Chef Titanium KMC560
                  Kenwood Chef Titanium KMP03
                  Kenwood Chef XL Sense KVL6020T
                  Kenwood Major A907D
                  Kenwood Major KM005
                  Kenwood Major KM006
                  Kenwood Major KM007
                  Kenwood Major KM020
                  Kenwood Major KM021
                  Kenwood Major KM023
                  Kenwood Major KM040
                  Kenwood Major KM070
                  Kenwood Major KM080
                  Kenwood Major KM230
                  Kenwood Major KM250
                  Kenwood Major KM506
                  Kenwood Major KM600
                  Kenwood Major KM610
                  Kenwood Major KM615
                  Kenwood Major KM630
                  Kenwood Major KM631
                  Kenwood Major KM635
                  Kenwood Major KM636
                  Kenwood Major KM640
                  Kenwood Major KM646
                  Kenwood Major KM800
                  Kenwood Major KM810
                  Kenwood Major KM816
                  Kenwood Major KM840
                  Kenwood Major KMM023
                  Kenwood Major KMM700
                  Kenwood Major KMM710
                  Kenwood Major KMM750
                  Kenwood Major KMM760
                  Kenwood Major KMM770
                  Kenwood Major KMM777
                  Kenwood Major KMP04
                  Kenwood Major KMP770


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