Kenwood Mixer Food Processor Attachment KAH647PL KVC30 KM201 KM330 AW20010010

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Part code: AW20010010

This is the KAH647PL food processor attachment for Kenwood Chef Titanium, Chef Sense, Cooking Chef and Major Titanium mixers. Turn your Kenwood mixer into a fully functional food processor with this handy attachment.

The new design of food processor that fits every Kenwood Chef and Major kitchen machine (except not compatible with models A701 and A707).

Genuine Kenwood mixer food processor attachment
Attaches to the high speed outlet
Safety interlock
Shatter proof
Dishwasher Safe
Made from high quality Tritan™ material
Total capacity: 2.4 litres
Working capacity:1.25 litres
Twin Pusher
Stainless Steel Knife Blade
Drive Shaft
6 Cutting Discs
Fine Grating
Coarse Grating
Thin Slice
Thick Slice


Kenwood KVC30
Kenwood KVL40
Kenwood KVL4100S
Kenwood Chef KM001
Kenwood Chef KM002
Kenwood Chef KM201
Kenwood Chef KM210
Kenwood Chef KM300
Kenwood Chef KM330
Kenwood Chef KMC510
Kenwood Chef Titanium KM010
Kenwood Chef Titanium KM011
Kenwood Chef Titanium KM013
Kenwood Chef Titanium KM030
Kenwood Chef Titanium KMC010
Kenwood Chef Titanium KMC560
Kenwood Chef Titanium KMP03
Kenwood Chef XL Sense KVL6020T
Kenwood Major KM006
Kenwood Major KM020
Kenwood Major KM080
Kenwood Major KM636
Kenwood Major KMM020
Kenwood Major KMM023
Kenwood Major KMM770

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