0615200006 Simpson Electrolux Westinghouse Top Loader Washing Machine 4A Slow Delayed Fuse

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Part codes: 0615200006 097259 0615200004


MODEL - PNC for Simpson, Electrolux and Westinghouse

22S750M 91304101000
SWT552SA 91304100200
22S750M*00 913001241
22S950M 91304101100
SWT902SA 91304100800
SWT902SA*00 913001228
SWT955SA 91304100900
SWT955SA*00 913001229
SWT605SA 91304100300
22S750M 91304101001
SWT802SA 91304100701
SWT902SA 91304100801
SWT955SA 91304100901
SWT552SA 91304100201
SWT605SA 91304100301
22S950M 91304101101
SWT802SA 91304100700
SWT802SA*00 913001227
22S750L*00 22S750L*00
22S750L*02 22S750L*02
22S800L*00 22S800L*00
22S800L*02 22S800L*02
22S805L*00 22S805L*00
22S805L*02 22S805L*02
22S950L*00 22S950L*00
22S950L*02 22S950L*02
36P450L*00 36P450L*00
36P450L*02 36P450L*02
36P450L*03 36P450L*03
36S550L*00 36S550L*00
36S550L*02 36S550L*02
36S605L*00 36S605L*00
36S605L*02 36S605L*02
LT819SA*00 LT819SA*00
LT959SA*00 LT959SA*00
EWT806SB 91304103900
LT819SA*01 LT819SA*01
36P500M*00 36P500M*00
36S605M*00 36S605M*00
EWT606SA 91304100400
EWT806SA 91304100500
EWT806SA*00 913001242
EWT959SA 91304100600
EWT959SA*00 913001243
22S800L*03 22S800L*03
22S950L*03 22S950L*03
LT908SA*03 LT908SA*03
LT955SA*02 LT955SA*02
LT608SA*01 LT608SA*01
LT608SA*02 LT608SA*02
LT608SA*03 LT608SA*03
LT609SA*03 LT609SA*03
LT609SAU*03 LT609SAU*03
36S550M 91304100001
36S550M 91304100000
36S605M 91304100101
36S550M*00 913001215
36S605M 91304100100
22A710SE000 22A710SE000
22A710SE010 22A710SE010
22A710SE020 22A710SE020
22B710SE000 22B710SE000
800RLD*01 800RLD*01
800RLD*00 800RLD*00
22S756J*03 22S756J*03
22S757J*03 22S757J*03
22S703E*01 22S703E*01
22S703E*04 22S703E*04
22S704E*01 22S704E*01
22S704E*04 22S704E*04
36S503E*01 36S503E*01
36S503E*04 36S503E*04
36S504E*01 36S504E*01
36S504E*04 36S504E*04
36S513E*04 36S513E*04
36S513E*01 36S513E*01
36S514E*04 36S514E*04
36S514E*01 36S514E*01
22S713E*01 22S713E*01
22S713E*04 22S713E*04
22S714E*01 22S714E*01
22S714E*04 22S714E*04
36S605K*02 36S605K*02
K605B*02 K605B*02
22S816K*00 22S816K*00
36S555J*01 36S555J*01
36S556J*01 36S556J*01
36S557J*01 36S557J*01
36S605K*01 36S605K*01
22S806K*01 22S806K*01
22S807K*01 22S807K*01
22S703E*07 22S703E*07
22S704E*07 22S704E*07
22S713E*07 22S713E*07
22S714E*07 22S714E*07
36S503E*05 36S503E*05
36S503E*06 36S503E*06
36S503E*07 36S503E*07
36S504E*05 36S504E*05
36S504E*07 36S504E*07
36S513E*05 36S513E*05
36S513E*06 36S513E*06
36S513E*07 36S513E*07
36S514E*05 36S514E*05
36S514E*07 36S514E*07
22S703E*05 22S703E*05
22S703E*06 22S703E*06
22S704E*05 22S704E*05
22S713E*05 22S713E*05
22S713E*06 22S713E*06
22S714E*05 22S714E*05
22B710SE*02 22B710SE*02
22B711SE*02 22B711SE*02
22S756J*01 22S756J*01
22S756J*02 22S756J*02
22S757J*01 22S757J*01
22S757J*02 22S757J*02
LT758SA*01 LT758SA*01
LT908SA*01 LT908SA*01
LT809SA*00 LT809SA*00
LT955SA*00 LT955SA*00
LT955SA*01 LT955SA*01
LT809SA*01 LT809SA*01
LT609SA*01 LT609SA*01
LT609SA*00 LT609SA*00

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