70186 Simpson Oven Bake Assist Element 1U 2U 3U Series for Neptune, Colombo, Saturn, Gemini etc

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70186 Simpson Bake Assist Element 1U 2U 3U SeriesSIMPSON ORIGINAL

1255W, E.G.O Original element, same element that is originally in your oven, so you're not being sold a cheaper alternative.

Part codes: 70186, 70003, SOE09 5041H

Location: Outer top element in the top of the inside oven cooking area. If the inner element is the one you need, please search 70002.

Suits: Simpson models as below

EW050, EW100, EW250, EW300, 1U601W, 1U608W, 1U607W, 1U606W, 1U605W, 1U604W, 1U603W, 1U602W, 1U601W, 2U601W, 3U601W, 2U502W, 2U600W, 2U603W, 2U604W, 2U605W, 2U606W, 2U607W, 2U608W, 2U609W, 3W600S, 3W601, 3W602, 3W603, 3W701,

3U600W, 3U601W,
3U602W, 3U607W, 3U609W,
2u600, 2u601, 2u603, 2u603, 2u604, 2u605, 2u606, 2u607, 2u608, 2u609,
some ew050, ew100, ew250, ew300,  EW050WC, EW100WC,  EW250WC, EW050KC, EW050SC,  EW100SC,  EW250KC,  EW300SC, 8hm-w, 
3U600W-Mercury, 3U601W-Colombo, 3U601HW-Colombo, 3U602W-Neptune, 3U603W-Saturn, 3U604W-Gemini, 3U605W-Polaris, 3U606W-Apollo, 3U607W-Cosmos, 3U608W-Alpha, 3U609W-Jupiter , 
3W600S, 3w600W -La Casa: 3W601BK, 3w601S, 3w601W -La Scala: 3W602S, 3w602W -La Bella: 3W603S, 3w603W -Roma:
3W701S, 3w701W -La Stella ,

Also visually known as Tempest, Mercury, Columbo,  Neptune,  Saturn, Gemini, Polaris,  Apollo, Alpha,  Cosmos, Jupiter, La Scala,  Roma, La Bella, La Stella 

Does not fit 9PGCST, 9PGET

Some models don't have the bake assist element. Please visually check.

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