Fisher & Paykel Fridge Water Filter - 836848 836860 862285

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Part codes: 862285 836848 836860 WF296 SGF-FP48 67003662 RO185011 EFF-6017A AQF-836848 Tier1 RWF1080 WF296 WF60 ST-836848 SPRING SOURCE SS-836848-S SS-836848 ST-836848

This is a compatible replacement for 836848, 862285.

Recommended to be replaced every 6 months. Steve offers the most affordable, NSF/ANSI/WQA test certified and cost-friendly options - making it easy to replace every 6 months. Includes labels so you know when you need to replace your old filter time after time.

Factory Approvals: Water Quality Association Gold Seal Certificate - NSF/ANSI 372 certified, NSF/ANSI 42 certified, extensive testing to ensure the best filters. BPA Free, ISO9001 Audited Factory.

External fridge water filter. Operating temperature: 1-38 ° C. Pressure: 30-100psi / 207-827kPa. Range: 0.75gpm = 2.8lpm. Duration: 6 months, 1135 litres.

This water filter fits a twist on/off quick change head EXTERNAL to refrigerators and is also used in some under-sink systems.

  • This water filter removes chemicals and contaminants from your drinking water, resulting in clean tasting and clean smelling water. The filter icon on your fridge will flash when it’s time to replace the water filter. We recommend a new filter every six months for optimal water drinkability and flow.
  • A control panel icon on your fridge will flash to remind you it's time to replace your filter.
  • We recommend the filter is changed every 6 months or less for optimal water flow.







Product codes must match as well.
61070-A HSBS562IS HA AA
25471-C RF522WDRUX4 FP HK
25521-B E402BRXFDU4 FP HK
25521-C E402BRXFDU4 FP HK
25471-B RF522WDRUX4 FP HK
25521-A E402BRXFDU4 FP HK
25441-A RF522ADUX5 FP NZ
25493-A RF610ADUX5 FP NZ
25529-A E402BRXFDU5 FP NZ
25548-A E442BRXFDU5 FP NZ
25441-A RF522ADUSX5 FP NZ
25464-A RF522WDLUX5 FP NZ
25476-A RF522WDRUX5 FP NZ
25493-A RF610ADUSX5 FP NZ
25356-B E402BRXFDU5 FP NZ
25349-B E442BRXFDU5 FP NZ
25350-B RF522ADUSX5 FP NZ
25352-B RF522WDLUX5 FP NZ
25402-B RF522WDRUB5 FP NZ
25353-B RF610ADUSX5 FP NZ
25598-A RF522ADUB5 FP NZ
25402-A RF522WDRUB5 FP NZ
25356-A E402BRXFDU5 FP NZ
24815-B E522BLXFDJ5 FP AA
25350-A RF522ADUSX5 FP NZ
25352-A RF522WDLUX5 FP NZ
25351-A RF522WDRUX5 FP NZ
25353-A RF610ADUSX5 FP NZ
25349-A E442BRXFDU5 FP NZ
25170-A RF610ADUSX4 FP HK
24278-B RF522ADUSX4 FP TH
24814-B E522BRXFDJ5 FP AA
24275-B RF522WDRUX4 FP TH
24207-B RF540ADUSX4 FP IL
24060-B E402BRXFDU4 FP SG
24200-B RF610ADUSX4 FP SG
24201-B RF610ADUSX4 FP HK
24197-B RF540ADUSX4 FP EU
24812-B RF610ADJX5 FP AA
24503-B RF522WDLUX5 FP AA
24496-B E522BLXFDU5 FP AA
24056-B E402BRXFDU4 FP AA
24056-C E402BRXFDU4 FP AA
24410-B E442BRXFDU5 FP AA
24495-B E522BRXFDU5 FP AA
24502-B RF522WDRUX5 FP AA
24498-B RF522ADUSX5 FP AA
24505-B RF610ADUSX5 FP AA
24815-A E522BLXFDJ5 FP AA
24814-A E522BRXFDJ5 FP AA
24811-A E522BRXFDU5 FP SG
24813-A RF522ADJX5 FP AA
24812-A RF610ADJX5 FP AA
24503-A RF522WDLUX5 FP AA
24502-A RF522WDRUX5 FP AA
24498-A RF522ADUSX5 FP AA
24496-A E522BLXFDU5 FP AA
24495-A E522BRXFDU5 FP AA
24505-A RF610ADUSX5 FP AA
24410-A E442BRXFDU5 FP AA
25351-B RF522WDRUX5 FP NZ
24107-A E442BRXFDU4 FP EU
24058-A E402BRXFDU4 FP EU
24164-A E522BLXU4 FP AA
24163-A E522BRXU4 FP AA
24186-A RF522ADUSX4 FP AA
24188-A RF522WDLUX4 FP AA
24187-A RF522WDRUX4 FP AA
24056-A E402BRXFDU4 FP AA
24093-A E442BRXFDU4 FP AA
24162-A E522BLXFDU4 FP AA
24161-A E522BRXFDU4 FP AA
24175-A E522BRXFDU4 FP EU
24197-A RF540ADUSX4 FP EU
23692-A RF522ADUX1 FP AA
23695-A RF522WDLUX1 FP AU
23694-A RF522WDRUX1 FP AA
23801-A RF610ADUX3 FP AA
23739-A E442BRXFDU3 FP AA
23790-A E522BLXFDU3 FP AA
23792-A E522BLXU3 FP AU
23791-A E522BRXU3 FP AU
23838-A E402BRXFDU3 FP AA
23353-A E442BRXFDU2 FP EU
23483-A E522BLXFDU2 FP EU
23482-A E522BRXFDU2 FP EU
23496-A RF610ADUM2 FP
23465-A E522BLXFDU2 FP AA
23468-A E522BLXU2 FP AU
23464-A E522BRXFDU2 FP AA
23467-A E522BRXU2 FP AU
23335-A E442BRXFDU2 FP AA
23655-A E402BRXFDU2 FP AA
23497-A RF610ADUX2 FP AA
23572-A E402BRMFDU G FP SM
23575-A E402BRXFDU G FP SX
23672-A E442BRXFDU G FP SX
23676-A E522BLXFDU G FP SX
23675-A E522BRXFDU G FP SX
23204-B E522BRMU G FP SM 12

E442BRMFDU (2226-A, 2226-B, 22255-A), E442BRXFDU (22211-A, 22279-A), E442BRXFDU5 (25349-A, 25349-B, 25548-A)
E522BLXFDU (22209-A, 22284-A), E522BRMFDU (22208-A, 22208-B), E522BRXFDU (22210-A, 22283-A)
E402BRXFDU5 (25356-A, 25356-B, 25529-A)
RF522ADUB5 (25598-A), RF522ADUSX5 (25350-A, 25350-B), RF522ADUX5 (25441-A), RF522WDLUX5 (25352-A, 25352-B, 25464-A), RF522WDRUB5 (25402-A, 25402-B), RF522WDRUX5 (25351-A, 25351-B, 25476-A)
RF610ADUB5 (25599-A), RF610ADUSX5 (25353-A, 25353-B), RF610ADUX5 (25493-A), RF610ADUM1 (22218-A, 22218-B, 22218-C, 22218-D, 22263-A), RF610ADUX1 (22217-A, 22217-B, 22298-A)


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