Simpson Westinghouse Electrolux Washing Machine Bearings & Seal - SWT Series & 5.5Kg 6Kg Models

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Part codes: 0542250064 0208200042 24152028K

This is the smaller bearing and seal kit for some Simpson, Westinghouse and Electrolux washing machines. This also includes some Hoover and Kelvinator Electrolux models.


SWT8063E 91304118101
WWT8040 91304117201
SWT8043 91304113401
SWT8063E 91304118100
SWT7542 91304112100
SWT704 913041060
SWT554 91304105802
SWT604 91304105901
22S750N 91304104700
SWT554 91304105800
SWT604 91304105900
SWT704 91304106000
SWT754 91304106100
SWT554 91304105801
36P450L*00 36P450L*00
36P450L*02 36P450L*02
36P450L*03 36P450L*03
36S550L*00 36S550L*00
36S550L*02 36S550L*02
36S605L*00 36S605L*00
36S605L*02 36S605L*02
36P450K*02 36P450K*02
36P450K*03 36P450K*03
36S550K*02 36S550K*02
36S550K*03 36S550K*03
500MD*00 500MD*00
550MD*00 550MD*00
600MD*00 600MD*00
36P450J*01 36P450J*01
36S541J*01 36S541J*01
36S550J*01 36S550J*01
500MB*02 500MB*02
550MB*02 550MB*02
600MB*02 600MB*02
K600B*02 K600B*02
K600B*03 K600B*03
36P450J*04 36P450J*04
36S550J*04 36S550J*04
36P500M*00 36P500M*00
36S605M*00 36S605M*00
36P450H*01 36P450H*01
36S500H*01 36S500H*01
36S540H*01 36S540H*01
36S540H*02 36S540H*02
36S541H*01 36S541H*01
36S541H*02 36S541H*02
500MA*01 500MA*01
550MA*01 550MA*01
36S605K*02 36S605K*02
K605B*02 K605B*02
WWT6041 91304112500
36S555J*01 36S555J*01
36S556J*01 36S556J*01
36S557J*01 36S557J*01
36P450H*03 36P450H*03
36S500H*03 36S500H*03
36S541H*03 36S541H*03
LT609SA*01 LT609SA*01
LT609SA*00 LT609SA*00
36S605K*01 36S605K*01
LT608SA*01 LT608SA*01
LT608SA*02 LT608SA*02
LT608SA*03 LT608SA*03
36P450K*01 36P450K*01
36S550K*01 36S550K*01
36S501E*06 36S501E*06
36S501E*07 36S501E*07
36S502E*07 36S502E*07
36S503E*05 36S503E*05
36S503E*06 36S503E*06
36S503E*07 36S503E*07
36S504E*05 36S504E*05
36S504E*07 36S504E*07
36S511E*06 36S511E*06
36S511E*07 36S511E*07
36S512E*07 36S512E*07
36S513E*05 36S513E*05
36S513E*06 36S513E*06
36S513E*07 36S513E*07
36S514E*05 36S514E*05
36S514E*07 36S514E*07
500ME*00 500ME*00
600ME*00 600ME*00
36P450J*02 36P450J*02
36S541J*02 36S541J*02
36S550J*02 36S550J*02
36S551J*01 36S551J*01
36S552J*01 36S552J*01
LT609SA*03 LT609SA*03
LT609SAU*03 LT609SAU*03
SWT704 91304106001
K600B*01 K600B*01
500MB*01 500MB*01
550MB*01 550MB*01
600MB*01 600MB*01
SWT554 913041058
SWT604 913041059
36S605N 91304105700
SWT5542 91304111900
SWT6042 91304112000
36S550M 91304100001
36S550M 91304100000
36S550N 91304105100
36S550M*00 913001215
36S605M 91304100100
36S605M 91304100101
SWT8043 91304113400
WWT8040 91304117200

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